Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Week's Baking

This is a Lemon "Cream" Tart.
It's a combination of Fran Costigan recipes. It has an almond crust, a lemon layer, a tofu cream layer and topped with candied Meyer lemons. So good.

This is a vegan Chocolate-Chocolate Cake with Cashew Brittle. It's inspired by Martha Stewart. I made it for my best friend Mandy's birthday.
It's small, double layer cake, only about five inches in diameter. In the middle there's a layer of ganache, a layer of tofu mousse, some of the brittle and topped with the mousse and brittle. Very decadent!
Here's a tiny banana nut loaf! I am definitely into small baking right now. I can't resist the itty bitty loaf molds and cutting cakes down. It's too cute.

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