Saturday, March 1, 2008

This Week's Baking

I call these Maduro Cupcakes. They're part of my Back to Roots Series. I've been developing some recipes that sprout from family roots. I want to interpret Puerto Rican desserts into cakes/cupcakes. This is my first experiment. The cake is Caribbean spice cake, made with cloves, cinnamon, a little allspice, and the frosting is a tiny on the caramel side, drizzled with vegan caramely flan sauce infused with cloves. I wanted to top it with a platano, but the fried banana worked. These were ridiculous! As in good.

These are Mini Layered Coconut Cakes made for my friend Kim's birthday. I used the Coconut Cloud Layer Cake recipe from Fran Costigan's book More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts and iced the layers and outside with a basic vegan coconut buttercream. The toppers are tempered chocolate set in shapes.

Wheeler's Black Label sent me a sampling of his vegan ice cream last week! Whoohoo! I baked these orange-ginger cookie bowls for the occasion. This recipe is also from Fran's lovely book.

This is a gorgeous ginger ice cream topped with the clove-infused caramel sauce I made for the Maduro Cupcakes. There's a little "milano" cookie on top that I made with the orange-ginger cookies sandwiching chocolate.
This sundae has Wheeler's ginger and green tea vegan ice creams. So, so delicious. Thanks Wheeler!


Anonymous said...

These look incredible!!! I have to start some vegan baking projects! My family and I are vegetarian in Upstate NY on the Erie Canal. So excited to find yesterday that our favorite bagel place offers vegan soups and more daily. It seems that there are more choices for us lately....'bout time! I mean, how many plain, gummy pasta dishes can one veggie girl be expected to eat when joining friends for dinner? Thanks for all the cool ideas!!!


Maven said...

Every single one of these needs to get in my belly.

Rivera's Bakery said...

Thanks Julie, and thanks for visiting the site!

Maven, if we lived closer to each other, you'd be a main tester.